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9 Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids ( Pictures)

From the beginning short stories are really helping kids as well as elders to learn new things ! It teaches us good morals values, problem solving, decision making and many more that you can't imagine.

Short Stories in English with moral are very powerful, they have the strength to teach many things. We should introduce the habit of reading stories in our daily lives .

9 Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids

The short stories in english with moral mentioned in this article are very short , moralistic and provided with pictures . Some of the stories are funny also . You will be really fascinated after reading the stories.

So , what are you waiting for ? Start Reading !

1. The Boy Who Cried For Truth

short stories in english with moral

Once in a village, there lived a boy. He always used to jokes don't take things seriously.

One  day , he a thought for a misleading act . He just shouted at his loudest voice,

 'Save me , Save me, I am in danger ... this wolf will kill me . The villagers rushed to the boy but he was spam.

 No tiger was there .One Day, a real tiger appeared before him. He shouted to the villagers, 'Save me , Save me , I am in danger ...

this real tiger will kill me ' But the villagers thought that he was again a spam . So they don't believe him !

Moral of the story -

                       "Never Tell Lie"

2. The Greedy Rat 

short stories in english with moral
Once there was a rat who was searching for food . He was so hungry . He was in search of food .

 But he was unable to found food for him . Then he saw a hole . Inside the hole there were lots of cheesecakes to eat .

He was really happy to see that. He get into the hole very comfortably and started eating the cheese cakes like nothing .

 He was full but he don't stopped eating. After some time , he tried to get out of the hole but now he
has become fat and can't get out of the hole now . He has to be there until he was again thin !

Moral of the story -

"Don't Be Greedy" 

3. Magical Shoe 

short stories in english with moral

A girl name Lalita who always help others, and she was a disciplined and a intelligent girl. Her parents are proud of her.

 Next morning, she was alone in her house, then she heard a sound that someone was crying. She ran outside her house and she saw that a old lady was crying.

She asked the old lady,"what happen aunt,why are you crying" .The old lady told that," I am very poor, I am very hungry, can you give me some food to eat".

 Lalita ran into the house and bring some food and water for the old lady. She ate quickly. She was very thankful to Lalita.

She told that," Lalita you are a very good child, I want to give you something" . Please accept my gift. She accepted her gift.

It was a magical shoe, and old aunt told ' If someone steals your shoe, then there height will became short'. Next morning when she wear the shoe, and went to the school,

she saw a baby bird stucked in the tree and her mother can't able to help her. Then Lalita and her magical shoe fly up and save the baby bird.

 Her friend Ruchi, on seeing all that things, she asked Lalita how she done that! Lalita told everything about the shoe. Ruchi became jealous of Lalita, and she want that shoe.

 Next day, when Lalita was sleeping, Ruchi went to her house and steal the shoe. Then her height became short, and she started crying.

Then Lalita heard the sound and rushed to the garden, and saw that Ruchi's height became short.

Then they request the shoe to return Ruchi's height again, she will not repeat the mistake!!

Then the shoe return her height again..!!

Moral of the story -

"Don't Steal 
Anyone's Good"

4. The Ant and the Grasshopper 

short stories in english with moral

Once there was a ant and a grasshopper .  Its was a summer day . The ants were working, storing food for the winters .

 But the grasshopper only sings and passes his day . Winter arrives , there was no food to eat and no shelter for the grasshopper .

The ant now has no problem . They have shelter , food and everything to survive in this bearing cold .

 The grasshopper came to the ant and asked for shelter and food .

 But the ant refused !

Moral of the story -

 "Don't Be Lazy ,
 Work Hard"

5. Magical Comb

short stories in english with moral

Once upon a time, a girl name Suchi has very short hair like boys. All her friends laughed at her. She don't know what she will do about it.

Therefore she was crying in the school garden. Then she heard a sound like someone is calling her. It was a magical comb.

She took the comb and went to her house and she said to the comb, "No one wants to talk with me because my hairs are short, can you help me".

Then the comb said, "I have come here to help you". Then she combed her hair with that comb. She was shocked to see that her hair grow automatically.

Then she thank the comb. Next morning when she went to the school, all the girls were shocked to see her hair. All the girls started talking with her.

One of her friend name Munni has a doubt that, how is it possible ?

That night her hair became long ! When the school was over is go to Suchi's house to see what was going on ?

 Munni show that she is talking with the comb. When Suchi went to play in the park, She steal the comb.

When she combed her hair with that comb her hair become short like boys. And she started crying. When Suchi heard her sound, she went to Munni's house.

Then Munni told everything about the comb. Then Suchi requested the comb to again make her hair as it was earlier.

Then she combed her hair again with that comb.

Her hair became longer as earlier. Then she thank Suchi and the comb for the help and said that from today YOU and  ME are best friends".!!

Moral of the story-

 "Never Steal 
Anyone's Goods"

6. The Lucky Horse 

short stories in english with moral

Once upon a time , there live a old man along with its horse and a goat . The horse suddenly fall ill . The old man called  a vet .

The vet examined the horse . He provide the horse with 3 days medicines and said that if he doesn't get well within 3 days then we will have to kill the horse !

The goat hear it softly . The goat said to the horse " Hey come on wake up , ran ran... or else you will be die in 3 days .

The next day the doctor give medicine to the horse and goat said to the horse come on get up dear quick quick ... get up ... one two three... or else you will be die in 2 days.

The next day the vet provided the medicine but the horse didn't get well . The doctor told the old man to kill the horse tomorrow or else the poison will spread to other horses .

The old man decided to kill the horse tomorrow . The goat again told the horse that tomorrow you will die . It's the last chance get up ... one two three...come on ....

The horse started running in the fields . The old man was very happy to saw that . He want to thank the doctor .

He said his staff to bring the goat , make a meat and have a party .

Moral of the story -

"You Never Know 
What Worse Luck Is 
You Bad Luck is, So 
never depend on your luck"

7. The Hidden Talent 

short stories in english with moral
Once upon a time in King's palace a painter come and to approach the king . He enter the palace and he said to the king that he wants to paint a wall .

The king provided him  a wall to paint . Then after sometime a staff working for the king in the palace approach the king and also requested to provide him a marble wall to paint .

The king was shocked to hear it . The king thought about it but atlast he agreed .

The staff told that he want a wall in opposite to painter's wall and there should be a temporary wall in between the two paintings . The king again think about it and again agreed .                         

The painter ask the king for the paints and brushes but the staff asked for only a bucket of water and a cloth . The king was shocked but he agreed to it again.

Next day the painter started painting but the staff was cleaning the wall.

Next day, when they ended painting then the temporary wall was broken ,the king goes to the painter to see his painting .

He has drawn a beautiful bird . The king appreciated the painter for his job .

Now it's staff's turn . The king saw a beautiful painting exactly same to the painter's one . It was due to reflection on the marble .

As the wall was of marble , it was more shiny than the painter's drawing . So, the winner was the Staff .

 Moral of the story -

"There Always Lies 
An Hidden Talent
 In You, 
The Thing Is to Use It "

8. The Do Or Die Challenge

short stories in english with moral

In a village there was a  woman named Geeta and her son Ram. After some period of time Ram got married with a lady named Sarita.

She was very intelligent. Geeta don't like her because she don't bring money from her home when she was married.

Geeta told this thing to her son and decided to again marry his son with other lady. Ram was shocked to hear that and told "We have everything, alot of money etc.

Then also you want money from my wife ?'' Then Geeta told this thing to Sarita.

She started crying. Then Geeta told "I will not marry my son with another lady if you will do these three things"

Sarita said "Ok i will do everything, what you will say".

Next day Geeta Told to Sarita, "You have to bring a bag of rice from the market. Sarita asked her to give money.

Geeta told, this is the challenge only, I will not give you money.

Sarita accepted the challenge. Geeta give him a sheep and tell "Go to the market with this sheep, it's not good to go alone,but don't sell the sheep".

After some time, she came and bring a bag of rice also. Geeta asked "how you do that" Sarita said" I have sold the hair of the sheep "Geeta said" Sarita get ready for next challenge ,

the next was that Sarita has to make a rope from ashes. Sarita was shocked. But she don't giveup.

She went to the garden and take a plate, then put a rope and burned it ,and give it to her mother in law. Geeta hug sarita, and all the problems were solved between her and Sarita.

Moral of the story -

"Never Give Up And 
Use Your Potential"

9. The Foolish Donkey 

short stories in english with moral

Once there was a man along with his donkey . The donkey use to carry heavy loads and the donkey was very upset about it .

One day , the donkey and the man were crossing the stream and the bags with salt fall in the water .

The salt get dissolved in the water and the weight became lighter .

Then the donkey use to apply this trick everyday . The man knew about this trick . He want to teach a lesson to the donkey .

He give the donkey to carry the cotton bag .

The donkey again apply the same trick . But the cotton bag even which was light , now became more and more heavy due to water .

The donkey now learnt a lesson and do not repeat the trick again !

Moral of the story -

"Never Apply 
 In Your Life"


Lets take a quick recap of  9 Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids -
  1. The Boy Who Cried For Truth
  2. The Greedy Rat
  3. Magical Shoe 
  4. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  5. Magical Comb 
  6. The Lucky Horse
  7. The Hidden Talent
  8. The Do or Die Challenge
  9. The Foolish Donkey

Thanks for Reading our Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids

thank you

What's Your Favourite Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids ? Do Leave a Comment !


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